PATTBEATS is a music production company that provides premium quality audio content available for licensing in TV, films, web and other media!


Thomas Patt (Tom) founder of PATTBEATS is a composer, producer and sound designer from Zurich, Switzerland!


Andréa Frattari Patt member of PATTBEATS is a composer and singer from Zurich, Switzerland!


In 1998, Tom started producing music and together with his wife Andréa Frattari Patt they build up there own Dance Music Project. Support came from Phantasm Records through friendship in London.
At this time Trance was their passion and they have learned to rock the dancefloor 😛
Through many years Tom and Andréa were performing on various EDM Partys / Festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Malaysia, Brasil,…


In 1999, Tom and Andréa opened “UPSPACE” a dance club in the middle of Zurich (Switzerland). DJs played varied EDM styles (house, deep-house, techno, progressive, trance, ambient, electro, EBM…)

Nowadays, Tom and Andréa work from their own recording studio where they create production music for music archives and for individual tasks. Their musical everyday life are extremely diversified, as they are able to create music in various different styles !